Dhaka Dust: A Portfolio by Saqif Hossain

.Can’t occupy the same space at the same time

unless, of course, you land in Dhaka, rickshaws


five or six abreast. They are all here:

studded metal backboards ablaze with red flowers,


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فرات الحطاب: حيطان تونس

عند وصولي إلى تونس، اكتشفت أنني اقتلعت من المشرق ورميت نفسي في المغرب الذي لا أعرف عنه شيئًا. هنا اكتشفت مصطلح “مشرق” أساسًا. لأصحاب الدكاكين ردات الفعل نفسها: من وين من لبنان؟ آه سوريا؟ مشرقية؟ (لا فرق كبيرًا هنا بين سوريا، لبنان، الأردن؛ كلنا عند المغاربة مشارقة).

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Ianos Rafael: The Human Presence

This series is composed of photos in which light, shadow and the human presence are predominant. Small fragments of objects, body parts and gestures combine with abundant light and dazzling darkness to create a simple moment or a unique sensation. They are everyday street scenes that we all see but in our daily rush they are overlooked and we forget to value them. This focus represents an attraction to simplicity, natural and indistinct things, emotions and invisible connections between people and the surroundings. This is a broad series, with no boundaries, just small pieces combined to create a specific feeling.

Ianos Rafael. I live in Bucharest, Romania and about four years ago I fell in love with photography. Since then I have expressed myself more in pictures than in words. For me, photography is like a bookmark for life, I can always come back to a point of time and feeling. Due to my desire to learn more, I got to know other photography enthusiasts, with whom in 2014 we founded BULB: the Bucharest Urban League of Photographers from the Balkans. The Bulb Collective consists of photographers active in urban (and rural) photography with an expressive shift to include highly aesthetic and poetic images in their assignments. Our work can be seen on: http://www.bulbphotos.eu. My work can be seen on: http://www.rafaelianos.ro/#1

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