The Quarantine Chronicles 15 😷 Larissa Sansour

Detail from Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s “The Triumph of Death”, 1562

A Daily Feature | سلسلة يومية

This is an extraordinary time, wrote Carol Sansour to, among many others, the Palestinian artist and filmmaker Larissa Sansour, and I would like to document it by means of testimonies from you and others around the world. I would appreciate it if you could answer those four questions in whichever form you see fit (preferably a short video):

What is the most pressing thought/idea you are having these days;

What are you hopeful for (personally and for the human race);

What scares you;

How are you spending your time (please indicate if you are on lockdown or not)?

1. My work often deals with the speculative and contextualizes politics in the framework of science fiction. In my films, I often imagine post-apocalyptic future scenarios based on our present and I try to underline the blurry line between the real and the fictional. These days, it is hard not think of the apocalypse as fictional. It feels that my work has become documentary overnight.

2. I sincerely hope that this will be a one-off episode and that we would learn from it and take better precautions for the future. I hope this unsettling time would function as a reset button for how governments and humanity are run. In recent months and in the face of real danger, we have seen economical and health care structures challenged. I hope this can serve as a wakeup call as to how fragile our systems in place are. I am hoping that lockdowns could inspire future ways of dealing with real threats such as climate change for example. I hope these concerns would finally be considered as real and as urgent. I hope governments around the world can mobilize and introduce measures to combat global warming urgently. I hope the fact that they were able to introduce drastic measures during the epidemic, would encourage them to think that the same can be possible when it comes to saving our environment.

3. What scares me is that in the aftermath of the crisis, that we could see more ruthless exploitation by big companies to recover their losses instead of an opposite approach. My biggest fear is that climate change is not taken seriously. If we are worried about finding no toilet paper or had sanitisers in stores right now during this period, we can for sure expect to see more extreme cases of this, with shortages of food due to global warming. Also, we would see the gap between rich and poor widen.

4. I am in the UK in London and we are under lockdown. I am trying to think of this time as a time to recuperate and focus on things that I was not able to do before, but unfortunately, I am finding it very hard to focus and keeping up with mixed information as to how to tackle the virus is top priority right now and taking over all my thinking.