The Quarantine Chronicles 8 😷 Joe Linker

Detail from Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s “The Triumph of Death”, 1562

A Daily Feature | سلسلة يومية

This is an extraordinary time, wrote Carol Sansour to, among many others, the American writer Joe Linker, and I would like to document it by means of testimonies from you and others around the world.  I would appreciate it if you could answer those four questions in whichever form you see fit (preferably a short video):

What is the most pressing thought/idea you are having these days;

What are you hopeful for (personally and for the human race);

What scares you;

How are you spending your time (please indicate if you are on lockdown or not)?


My response took the form of a folk song because the virus comes without boundaries,

and while Folk originates in a particular place and time, it travels, and becomes universal.


There are four simple verses to the song, each in answer to one of your questions:


“The Hotel Cairo Cosmopolitan Talking Blues”


Well, I don’t know what to think these days,

walking around in a purple haze,


praying for peace and happiness,

hoping the finish rubs off on me.


I’m not afraid of nothing, yet still I fear

children walking by dressed in tears.


I’m spending my time making up these rhymes,

homeword bound going round and round.