Petero Kalulé: 3 ear etudes*

Jennifer Kincaid, Digital 3D model of the human cochlea. Source:




if the kernel of

sound is quiver,


the ear shall l-

oose te­ther,  &


knell itself  in


of whether whether

wither w



*the ear is a kind of leaf


 how to play drums

 –– for A & C

work away edges. forget lines borders & squares. knead bread. mimic cat paws. crumple your clothes. soften pillows. examine yarn. string scarfs, thread. silk. forget time, misplace your watch. fail maths. number candles. study moths.arc. crayons. wax. toast your spices. toss seeds. garden. finger soil. roots. gravel. silt. break dry twigs. trace petal-colour partials. bark. melt butter. snap some crackers. press wet clay. caw like crows. coo. brush feather. work the mixing bowl. whisk. weep w/ kettles (hiss their steam). query pots; probe little leaks. drop. drip limber your wrists. pat your thighs. tap the tones of a smile. sway sigh. shave yam. sharpen pencil. smoothen sea stone. pebble. crack shells. pan cakes. absorb puddles when it rains. towel skin. revere spoons. sit under trees. bow to branches. slant bridges. swivel routes. open windows. stop for pavement patter. the clink of a glass. observe froth harmonics. catch bubbles. breathe, circular. bypass gravity. augment clouds. contemplate blankets. glow shadows. throw matchsticks on paper. spark. chorus. stand in doorways. trust the shuttling secrets of wooden floors. creak hinges. slide/ swarm. swing. rattle. hum




–– on reading Lucille Clifton


a poem is a



Petero Kalulé is a Ugandan composer, poet  and multi-instrumentalist currently living in London. Petero’s collection of poems ‘Kalimba’ was published by Guillemot Press in May 2019. Find Petero on Twitter @nkoyenkoyenkoye