Robin Moger Does An-Nifarri

Adonis/Dennis Bouchard. From “A”, an exhibition retracing twenty years of visual works by the poet Adonis, Galerie Azzedine Alaïa, Paris, 2015. Source:

who are you and who am I

he stayed me 

and he said to me   Who are you and who am I   and I saw the sun and the moon and the stars and all the lights ashine     and he said to me   There is no light in my sea shines on without I have seen it   and each thing came to me until no thing was left  and kissed me between my eyes and saluted me  and stood in shadow     and he said to me   You know me and  I do not know you   and I saw all of him clung to my robe  and not to me  and my robe leant  and I did not   and my robe leant and he said to me   Who am I   and the sun went down and the moon  and the stars fell and the lights were put out  and the dark covered all things but him   and my eye did not see and my ear did not hear  my senses ceased  and each thing spoke  it said   Allahu Akbar   and each thing came to me  a spear in its hand  it said to me   Flee   and I said   Where to   and it said   Fall into darkness   and into darkness I fell and I saw myself     and he said to me   See none but yourself ever   Come out from darkness never   And should I bring you out from it I would  show you myself   You would see me  and should you see me you would be  most distant of all


he stayed me 

at night

and he said to me   Should night come to you  stay between my hands   Take ignorance in your hand  with it turn the knowledge of the heavens and the earth from me  and when you turn them you shall see me  come down     and he said to me   Ignorance is the shield before the screen  the cover before the shield  and there is no greater shield  for ignorance is the vanguard of the Lord   When he comes it is his shield  and nothing is known save ignorance   No knowledge but works at what he is  That he is  is not unknown  he is he   And what you know of me and what you know by me and what you know for me  and what you know of each and every thing  turn it back with ignorance   Should you hear it  say my name and call to me  and block your ears   Should it come before you  cover your eyes   And what you do not know do not ask about  or learn   You are with me  and the mark of my company is that you shield yourself from the known and from knowledge as I am shielded  and should day come  and the Lord come to his throne  then suffering shall come   Then let ignorance drop from your hands and take knowledge  turning suffering away   Reside in knowledge lest suffering take you     and he said   Shield yourself from knowledge with ignorance  for if not you shall not see me  nor see me seated   By knowledge be  shielded against suffering  for if not you shall not see  my light nor  my clear proof     and he said   Look to each thing which your heart sees and your eye sees   How I said to it   Be   and it was   Then look to ignorance  which I unfurled between me and it   Had I not placed it in between  it would not have endured before my light     and he said   Ignorance is the Lord’s vanguard  this  is one aspect of his vision manifest   The Lord is the vanguard of ignorance  this  is one aspect of the essence manifest