Robin Moger: More Saniya Saleh

The only window, in disrepair

Francesca Woodman, “Untitled”, Rhode Island, 1975-78. Source:

Don’t come tonight, sad bat

Packing your head between my brows.  

We have denied one another at times 

In despair and in defeat. In vain

Face bumping at face,

The heart at the heart.

Let the fire be, settle and sleep, 

The wind scatter it at will, 

There is nothing that might warm 

These cold eyes. I am 

Betrayed by all fronts, 

Baggage bundled under my arm.



This night might pass, 

You rushing and it going faster past

You, overcome with weakness, 

And its resolve pulled whip-tight,

And this fog which hides me from you

Just the ashes of our love.

Give me your hands, safe 

Clever grave. Give me your dark.

I am woman terror-struck. 

One blow and it goes down,

Sun of the body and the soul.