Robin Moger Does the Classics

Ibn Arabi


Gleams lightning, thunder hymns

and down the rain pours where

it falls the hills and dells turn green

and flowers open in their fields.


Now see

the Gardens of Eternity, which He for us decreed

with hearts now freed and opened, banners

where boughed fruit hanging low that feed

those with tongue to taste speak sweetly.


Look and see: all work of His makes clamour

exalts and magnifies and hymns

each praising with its kin


God gives to whom He will



Annabigha Adhubiyani


They speak the name. Their hearts resist

How can it be? the mountains still unbending

the graves not spit their dead, still

stars in heaven and the skein unbroken

Then came the crier after

to proclaim it, called

the living through his tears.