Yahia Lababidi: Three Poems


Chant Avedissian’s, from “Icons of the Nile”, 2010. Source: qulture.com


I am Destiny’s son

loyal by his side

(I never wander long)


Life is as remote to me

as Destiny is intimate:

an ache sweet and serene


When anxious, he gathers me in

promising otherworldly allure

outside all specificity


I honor him in all things

and he follows me everywhere

with eyes dark and tender


Surefooted and steady

threading through trees

I tread his black woods


In his night, I walk in light

in the dawning of understanding

and centered in his gravity.


What the Sunset Said


Something happened as the light was dying

it wasn’t just post-coital exhalation

where the once-possessed body is used up

and all that remains is bodiless trance


Rather, it seemed they were mirroring

a preternatural stillness,

two spiritual sentinels

transfixed and somehow Other


Science calls it “twilight calibrated magnetic compass”

yet it appeared beyond mere direction-finding

more a kind of existential orientation

consolidating all they knew, and listening


with their entire being, participating

silently, in a universal hymn

until they were pulled, as out of a viscous substance,

by the hungry cry of their nearby young


to become two feral pigeons, again

with this-world considerations

parenting, foraging, keeping alive

and, dazed, they consented to their stations.




drastic, plastic deity

in Electricity we trust


monitor our thoughts

save our lives

delete the hurt

start, again



wired nerves

armchair travelers

pass the world by


ten impatient digits

frantic search engines

ravaged by a savage



world at your fingertips

(world is not enough)

brimming with longing

playing on unmusical keys


keys that open doors

to virtually Nowhere

virtual relations

virtual destinations


Real Time


crash on information highways

get lost in cyber space

caught in world wide web


mouse scurrying

dancing in place

Life is one click away

click click click, again.