Robin Moger Translates Wadih Saadeh

Horses at the door


Eugène Delacroix, “Two Horses Fighting in a Stormy Landscape”, 1828. Source:

Must this go on forever?

The wind

perpetual gesture

and the hand that slips

from me unnoticed.


In the beginning, what

did I want in the beginning

when I was of a sudden taken by a life

whose hooves still pound against my door?

When I saw or thought I saw

sand. In the end

it will be a pearl I said

and slept at last from weariness

on deck, aboard a freighter

that bore about the burden of my bones.


I went mad

and went mad, then

went mad:

someone rolled

and rolled about

over the cracked and fissured earth, a skull

in an atlas neglected

and magical, ejaculate

with a skull in it.

Did this have to go on forever?