Noor Naga: Boy Does Not Like To Share


Federico Giovannini, from “You and I”. Source:

Knowing a father’s belt has snap-

ping metal teeth, one does not

have to think of kneeling.

One kneels. One kneels

to please before the word is

heard or the leather tongue

slides drily through the loops.

If one is an only child, staying

home from school, eating

all the jelly-cola one wants

while a mother lies in hospital squeezing,

one must be careful with the pleasing.

One must be slow and careful that no

hair gets caught in one’s braces.

This hurts a father and

ruins the mood. Metal teeth

are met with metal teeth.

When one sees the constellation

on his sister’s skull,

one presses on the points right away.

Those weak, soft points have the beautiful girl-

name, fontanelle.