Amedeo Abello: Contemporary People

Digital photography, silver prints, 2015

The idea is simple: portraits of people through their reflection on the screen of their smartphone or tablet. The starting point is the alienation of technology that enslaves us.

Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#1

Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#2

Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#6

Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#9

The black screen is the mirror of contemporary society, a new window of access to the world, which allows us to identify ourselves and interact with other people.

The installation consist of various portraits of a variegated sample of our contemporary society. In the centre of the composition a tablet turned on that will include the reflection of the viewer.

Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#3 Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#4Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#5

My approach is all about material, substance, and close to analogue.

Photography is a type of writing, with light. The process of knowing the world and people is through the light and written words. The starting point of my artistic research is the human being; his/her feelings and society, which are expressed through an approach where image-signs and writing are central.

Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#7

Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#8

Amedeo Abello_Contemporary People_#10

Mine are images that go beyond purely aesthetic and compositional research, but rather try to delve into deeper meanings, strongly linked to contemporary culture; our times and social fabric can be defined as the era of the image. Time is essential. We live in an era where everything occurs in a short span of time, you just need a click: from pre-cooked food to any kind of online shopping. Another important aspect is the crisis, which Europe and especially my country is going through: not only an economic turn but also of its values.

The aim is to collect through a visual photographic experiment essence and contradictions which are behind our society and era: urban, inevitably digital and nostalgically analogue. To succeed in this I try to find a place on the margins by undertaking an evolving and open creative process. The value dwells in the lack of exactness, where the path of investigation and research is as important as the result.


Amedeo Abello (AA) was born in Turin in 1986. His work can be seen at  and on Instagram (@amedeoabello)