“Photography Is My Therapist”: the iPhone Photo World of Ornella Mignella

“I am not a photographer,” says the Italy-based Ornella Mignella, known on Instagram as @miss_golightly_the_cat and otherwise very reticent about herself. “Photography is my therapist. It helps me to accept myself and what happens to me. Acceptance is not resignation but a form of consciousness raising, an instantaneous clarity of thought captured in a picture. I use my iPhone 5 and some apps to edit my photos.”

Peter never came back

I play the role of Wendy, who waits for Peter Pan until her death. She lies on the floor, we don’t know if she tries to fly to reach Peter or dies of missing him. Her death is every existential failure, it is my generation’s failure, our broken dreams. Peter is everything we can’t reach, something we lost forever.

We only know that he flew away with Tinker Bell. Wendy flew away too.


I just want to be left alone

I won’t but I might

The potential I’ll be

That I’ll never see

The promises I’ll only make…

I was inspired by the Elliott Smith song, “Between the bars“. I must accept what I am because I wasn’t able to be anything else. Nobody else can fill the void in the mirror. Those who tried failed miserably.


Damned Springtime

“Damned Springtime” is a famous Italian love song about a the end of a love story born during the springtime. My springtime, once light and lovely, trod on me like a child running through the wildflower meadows, with a cruel and innocent levity.